Argo Studios

Singel 383, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Argo Studios is a small but forward-looking jewelry workshop in Amsterdam with Margo Dubovik in the heart of it. Margo takes a lot of inspiration from Oriental art, mythologies and all the books she grew up on, as well as technology and tools – she is both an artist and an engineer. She is convinced that people should think for themselves when they first experience an art piece, so she tends to give very technical descriptions to her pieces as to not interrupt people’s own associative process.

List of pieces:

  1. Large silver and pink gold bead of Artemis and her hounds. The piece is worn on a pink gold Lyre bracelet.
  2. Large silver and pink gold bead of Kitsune. This piece has a moving element – when the bead is removed from the bracelet, it is possible to rotate her face, so it is either a human or a fox.
  3. Large silver and yellow gold Pomegranate bead
  4. A sakura tree circling around a pagoda, in 18K yellow gold, worn on a handwoven red silk kumihimo cord.
  5. Silver heart-shaped Wayfinder pendant with a rotating pink gold globe inside.
  6. Large pink gold Yama bead worn with blackened silver lava-textured beads.