Phlox van Oppen

In 2022 I graduated from the KABK as a textile designer. In my generation where recycling, upcycling, sustainability and other ecological terminology has become commonplace, I have been inspired by everyday materials that are often overlooked. The materials I use are sustainable and are recycled for a new purpose. Living in the largest female student house in the Netherlands with 36 girls, I got my inspiration from the daily household, where I started researching different materials, ecosystems and waste.

I come from a large family; when I was growing up I lived with my two sisters and two nieces. I was used to having a lot of girls in the house. However, that was not comparable to the household in which I had lived for the past four years during my studies, a student house with 36 women. The largest female student house in the Netherlands. I decided that I wanted to use my living situation and immediate environment as a source of inspiration for my projects.



Leidsevaart 36
2114 AD Vogelenzang